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Step 2: Managing your project

Once you have your Grant Offer it is important you manage your project well. A poorly managed project runs the risk of not completing properly and your Grant Offer being cancelled. 

WMT has highlighted some key points to consider below. If you have any questions about the management of a project at any point please contact us.


Notification of works

  • as detailed in your Grant Offer you need to make WMT aware of when you are starting works
  • it can be useful to let the local community know when works are planned especially if your war memorial is in a highly visible location. This will ensure no one raises concerns about potential theft or damage


Changes to your grant value

If a project is likely to cost less than expected there is no need to advise War Memorials Trust. When you submit your Completion Report the invoice will show the costs. The amount we pay will then be adjusted based on the percentage outlined in your Offer letter.

If your project costs increase after a Grant Offer has been made the charity is unlikely to be able to consider an increase. However, if you wish to ask us to consider an increase please read our Grant increase policy first and provide the information we will need to review this. Please remember we are a charity with limited funds so any increase will depend on whether we have raised enough money ourselves.


Monitoring works

Once you have a Grant Offer it is now your responsibility to manage the project and ensure everything is undertaken in-line with the Grant Offer requirements:

  • the works phase is crucial and you should carefully monitor what is happening 
  • before the works begin you should ensure the contractors are aware of any conditions of your grant and the agreed Method Statement
  • you should be aware of when the contractors will be on site and visit throughout the project to check up on proceedings. It can be useful to take photographs through the project to submit as part of your Completion Report 
  • you should make sure that the contractors have your contact details in case anything unexpected happens during the works. They should be advised that should this happen they need to contact you and you will need to seek approval before any additional/different works can be undertaken


Alterations during the project

  • it is likely that the contractors made their assessment on the condition of the memorial based on a visual assessment or from photographs; therefore it is common for contractors to identify additional works which are required once they begin works. You should not be worried about this, but you should be prepared for what you will do if this situation arises
  • it is a requirement of all WMT grants that if any amendments to the agreed Method Statement in the Contract are necessary then prior written approval must be received from the Trust
  • it is essential that this approval is obtained otherwise it could jeopardise your grant. Step 3 explains what you need to do



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