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Step 5: Common problems

This page highlights some of commonest problems which WMT sees in relation to Grant Offers, management and Completion Reports. Most of these are preventable and we recommend you read this page to ensure you avoid any issues.


Undertaking works outside of the agreed Method Statement

This is the biggest and most common problem faced and can have serious consequences including the cancellation of your Grant Offer:

  • your Grant Contract includes a Method Statement which forms the basis of the offer
  • the Method Statement outlines the works to be funded which will follow best conservation practice. WMT cannot fund works which do not fall within best conservation practice as these may cause long-term damage to a war memorial
  • on receipt of the Grant Offer you should have read the Contract and Method Statement. In these it clearly states that you must get approval from WMT for any changes to the Method Statement
  • the Contractor Declaration which you return with the Contract is signed by the Contractor who should see the Method Statement and understand that any changes to the Method Statement need to be approved by WMT before works are undertaken. WMT is happy to take questions and queries via the applicant from the Contractor to clarify any aspects of the Method Statement
  • WMT appreciates projects can change over time and whilst on-site and does not automatically refuse changes. But if changes are to be made you must have written permission from WMT before you undertake work which is different to the original Method Statement
  • WMT will prioritise requests to amend the Method Statement to avoid delays to your project or increased costs. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the Method Statement then you should contact us to discuss these at the earliest opportunity. If additional works or alterations to the Method Statement are identified, then it is essential that before these works are undertaken written permission is given by WMT.

If when you return your Completion Report you have undertaken works outside the agreed Method Statement without approval from WMT your Grant Offer may be cancelled.


Incomplete or insufficient Completion Reports

As with incomplete applications, if you do not supply all the requested information to claim your grant it can cause significant delay in paying your grant as well as delaying other people’s payment as we have to spend time trying to obtain the missing information.

Specific information is required to approve a grant application so we can ensure that it is eligible for our grant schemes and to ensure the works are being undertaken appropriately. We need this same confirmation once the project has completed to ensure that nothing has happened which would make the project ineligible for funding.


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