War Memorials Trust

Step 1: Accepting your Grant Offer

When you receive a Grant Offer it will include instructions on what you need to do to accept the Grant Offer. You must accept the Grant Offer before you can start work. This page gives an indication of the process but you should always follow the information in any Grant Offer.


You should

  1. Receive a

    Grant Offer letter - detailing your Grant Offer and which grant scheme your Grant Offer has been made 
    Grant management form - a step-by-step guide to all stage of managing your project

    Grant Contract - including the Method Statement which explains the works which will be supported

    Contractor Declaration

    Bacs form

    Press Guidance and Press Release template

    Completion Report  

    Staged Payments form - if you have suggested you are unable to carry the cost of the project then our Staged Payments policy may enable you to claim your grant over several payments but this is an exceptional scenario
  2. Thoroughly read through all the information sent to you. 

    It is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of all the terms and conditions of the grant and any exclusions. 

    Failure to follow this could mean your Grant Offer is cancelled 
  3. Sign both copies of the Grant Contract 

    Return one signed copy of the Grant Contract and the Contractor Declaration (see point 4 below) 

    Complete the Staged payments form - if you wish to be considered for Staged payments
  4. Show your Contractor the Method Statement attached to the Contractor Declaration, get them to read it and sign the Contractor Declaration. You will need to send the original signed Contractor Declaration back to WMT but you may also want to take copies for your own records and give the Contractor a copy 
  5. Ensure your Contractor is aware of the approved Method Statement and any relevant conditions. Any changes to the approved Method Statement require prior written approval from WMT. Failure to obtain this will delay grant payment and in some cases may result in the cancellation of a grant. It is your responsibility to ensure your Contractor does not undertaken unapproved works 


WMT will

  1. Aim to acknowledge receipt of your return paperwork within one week

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