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Step 3: Changes to a Method Statement

When Grant Offers are made they are prepared based on the known information at the time. WMT appreciates projects can change over time and whilst on-site. Therefore systems are in place to enable changes to the original approved Method Statement which details how works are to be undertaken and forms part of the Grant Contract. 

However, if changes are to be made you must have prior written permission from WMT before you undertake work which is different to the original Method Statement

If when you return your Completion Report you have undertaken works outside the agreed Method Statement without approval from WMT your Grant Offer may be cancelled. It is therefore vital that you understand the process for making changes and follow it if alterations are required.


To request a change to the approved Method Statement

  1. Ensure you have all the information available about why the change is needed. This should include photographs of the issue and a report or email from your Contractor detailing the proposed alternative works
  2. Contact WMT, preferably by email, explaining which clauses in the Method Statement you wish to amend. Provide the evidence from point 1 above to support your request. If your request is urgent you can telephone but please be aware we are highly unlikely to be able to authorise a change on the telephone without seeing photographs and paperwork which explain the issue
  3. Communication about changes to the Method Statement should be between WMT and the applicant not between WMT and the Contractor. WMT's contractual relationship is with the applicant not with the Contractor so WMT expects to deal with the applicant unless there are exceptional circumstances


What WMT will do

  1. WMT will prioritise requests to amend the Method Statement to avoid delays to your project or increased costs. However, please be aware that if the change(s) is complex, or needs consultation with other parties, it may take time to provide a response
  2. WMT will review your request and advise if it approves the change or not. If the change is accepted written approval will be given to amendments to the original Method Statement
  3. If WMT cannot approve the requested change it will either request the additional information needed to make an assessment or explain why it cannot approve the alternative approach



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