War Memorials Trust

Press coverage 2022-23

The following are articles, letters and comment pieces from national, regional and local press which include reference to War Memorials Trust or programmes it is engaged in. Please note the Trust takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in these articles. Anyone seeking details of the Trust's work or to discuss a press enquiry should contact the charity.

17 November 2022

Daily Gazette / Essex County Standard article on fundraising for works to Shrub End war memorial, noting WMT's contribution towards a structural survey in 2022

16 November 2022

North Wales Pioneer article reporting the finished works at Penrhynside and Llandudno war memorials, which received grants from WMT

12 November 2022

Spectator article discusses importance of war memorials with reference to Etchingham, which received a grant from WMT

11 November 2022

Love Heritage NI Facebook and Twitter posts from Historic Environment Division about funding for war memorials in Northern Ireland and WMT grants

8 November 2022

Wiltshire Times article on the conservation works funded by Grants for War Memorials to Bradford-on-Avon war memorial

3 November 2022

Aberdeenshire Council article on works to Peterhead's World War I and World War II war memorials being supported by a grant from War Memorials Trust Grants Scheme

2 November 2022

HRBA e-update references War Memorials Trust advice on funding for war memorials by Parish Councils which relates to the relevant legislation which can be viewed on our helpsheets page

November 2022

Flynn-Lark News article on works to Little Bealings war memorial supported by a grant

11 October 2022

IWM War and Conflict SSN email update had details of WMT talk on 14th November 2022 titled 'Checking the condition of your local war memorial'

28 October 2022

BBC article on Belton Parish Council applying for funding to War Memorials Trust for Belton war memorial

10 October 2022

Birkenhead News article on Ellesmere Port war memorial for which a funding application has been submitted

7 October 2022

Sussex World article on the centenary of the war memorial window at St George's church, West Grinstead, noting it is registered on War Memorials Online

6 October 2022

Ledbury Reporter article discusses works to Ledbury war memorial with a reference to WMT (the charity does not recommend contracators)

2 October 2022

The Telegraph article on the Faculty decision to alter the names on a plaque at Wychbold which does not fully outline the context of WMT's role

27 September 2022

Wiltshire Times article on works to Bradford on Avon war memorial suported by Grants for War Memorials

2 September 2022

Gov.uk article on appointment of former WMT Trustee, Caroline, Lady Dalmeny to Chair of the Museum of Home

September 2022

Scottish Local History Forum e-newsletter Clish-Clash mentions War Memorials Trust resources

11 August 2022

West Bridgford Wire article on Tollerton war memorial work, supported by a WMT grant

21 July 2022

Evening Standard article on the theft at Mitcham war memorial, noting local group will contact WMT for advice

Wimbledon Guardian article on the theft at Mitcham war memorial, noting local group will contact WMT for advice

July 2022

Britain at War magazine article on Scotland's Fighting Ministers - author Paul Goodwin noted his volunteering for WMT

Scottish Local History Forum e-newsletter Clish-Clash mentions War Memorials Trust resources

21 June 2022

BBC News article on on the conservation of the Victorian Embankment gardens, Nottingham noting WMT as a funder

20 June 2022

West Bridgford Wire article on the conservation of the Victorian Embankment gardens, Nottingham noting WMT as a funder

15 June 2022

Spalding Today article reporting graffiti on Spalding war memorial which is being removed. It notes that if it is not remedied the council will contact WMT for advice

8 June 2022

Falikirk Council article on Grangemouth war memorial rededication 

20 May 2022

Falkirk Herald article on works to Grangemouth war memorial

13 May 2022

Daily Gazette / Essex County Standard article on a meeting held to discuss the future of Shrub End memorial, noting WMT provided support

12 May 2022

Edinburgh Evening News readers letter on the closure of churches in Fife, noting they are a supporter of WMT and have been recording memorials on War Memorials Online

May 2022

National Trust magazine feature detailsworks to Wellington Monument supported by a WMT grant

25 April 2022

BBC News article about works to Commando memorial 

22 April 2022

The Highland Council article on works to Commando memorial

19 April 2022

West Bridgford Wire article on works to Victoria Embankment’s Memorial Gardens in Nottingham which has a grant from WMT

5 April 2022

Rural Services Network monthly article features WMT funding 

3 April 2022

National Churches Trust article featuring War Memorials Online


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