War Memorials Trust



War Memorials Trust vision is to protect and conserve war memorials within the UK.


War has consequences. The UK’s 100,000 war memorials remind us all of the millions whose lives have been ended, or impacted, by it. Preserving these shared symbols helps us all to understand the consequences of conflict, encourage later generations to avoid such suffering and continue to say, we still remember. 

War Memorials Trust works to support communities care for the war memorials which remain our shared ongoing tribute and responsibility. Encouraging best conservation practice gives the greatest chance of preserving the original war memorials as they were seen by those who lost loved ones. As current custodians we are acting today not just for ourselves but for those who went before, and will come after, us.

As a charity War Memorials Trust provides advice, offers grants and works with others to achieve its objectives. But it needs your help as it relies on donations to protect and conserve war memorials within the UK. 


New objectives were introduced by the charity in early 2019 for the post World War I centenary period. These relate to an initial three-year period 2019-22 covering the Trust's work within its areas of activity in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

  1. To improve the condition of war memorials, in their historic design and setting, to support their long-term preservation in-line with best conservation practice, sustainability and the challenges of climate change
  2. To increase the understanding of best conservation practice including how to maintain, protect, repair and conserve war memorials appropriately as well as raise awareness of the support available from War Memorials Trust
  3. To enhance public engagement with, and the recognition of local responsibility for, war memorials
  4. To sustain access to grant funding to support repair and conservation works in-line with best conservation practice
  5. To increase the money raised by the charity to deliver its vision to protect and conserve war memorials

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