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Step 7: Submit your Application Form

Once you have gathered all the information required to submit your Application Form you should send this to War Memorials Trust. There are regular deadlines for assessment but you do not need to wait until that date. Early submission is encouraged as it gives time for review and to raise questions; last minute applications are often deferred due to a lack of information.

Deadline dates

2023-24 grant deadlines are currently scheduled for:

  • 31st October 2023 - decision by 31st December 2023 or early January 2024

2024-25 grant deadlines are currently scheduled for:

  • 29th February 2024 - decision by 30th April 2024
  • 30th June 2024 - decision by 31st August 2024
  • 31st October 2024 - decision by 31st December 2024 or early January 2025

These dates relate to submission of the full Application Form. If you are submitting a Grants Pre-application form you must allow sufficient time before the deadline date to give you time to prepare a full application.

What happens then?

Upon receipt of your Application Form War Memorials Trust will 

  • aim to acknowledge it within one week noting whether the information is up-to-date on War Memorials Online. We want applicants to use War Memorials Online to demonstrate the condition of their war memorial before and after works. Helpsheets explaining condition levels can be found in the Condition section on the FAQs page
  • either, confirm it is complete and advise the date by which you should receive a response
  • or, request missing information such as photographs or quotes/tenders. Until all necessary information is provided your Application Form will not be deemed to have been submitted. War Memorials Trust will advise what is needed and by when
  • allocate it to a batch for assessment at each deadline date
  • pass it to a Conservation Officer to start their assessment but only when it is fully completed. The assessment will review your Application Form, quotes/tenders, supporting information and photographs. You may be contacted for further information and you will be advised the dates by this is required
  • discuss it at a Grants Panel following each deadline date which will consider whether works proposed are in-line with best conservation practice, the need for works, urgency and condition with War Memorials Online an important tool in this assessment. If an application is eligible it is given a priority level and once all cases have been assessed eligible projects will be allocated to the appropriate grant scheme (criteria vary) until all the funding in that round is allocated. This means lower priority eligible projects may not receive funding if money runs out

Priority levels are indicated below, and the Trust has Prioritisation principles:

  • Priority level 1: Immediate: Urgent Works / Very bad condition
  • Priority level 2: High: Very bad condition
  • Priority level 3: Medium: Poor condition
  • Priority level 4: Low: Fair condition
  • Priority level 5: Very low: Good condition

Following decisions made at the Grants Panel Conservation Officers may need to consult funders or Trustees. They will then prepare the relevant paperwork for applicants. War Memorials Trust cannot provide details of a decision before the date stated when your application was acknowledged. Applicants should not chase for information before that date as this may delay their decision. 

When will I get a decision?

War Memorials Trust cannot guarantee timeframes but aims to send you details of the outcome of the grant assessment within 2 months of the deadline date. You may receive: 

  • an Offer enabling you to start work
  • a Deferral which means further information is needed before an Offer can be made, or wider consultation with other organisations is required. This means War Memorials Trust does believe the project can be supported
  • a Rejection which means the project is ineligible for support. If the project applied for differs from that discussed at pre-application stage it may no longer be eligible and will be rejected

To avoid a Deferral or Rejection you should carefully read and follow all advice sent by War Memorials Trust and review Step 6. War Memorials Trust  is happy to answer questions about the application process at any stage so if you are unsure contact the Conservation Officer who responded to your Grants Pre-application form.


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