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Step 2: Start your Application Form

This page introduces what you need to do once you have an Application Form and the Guidance Notes. It explains how to start preparing your application..

You can only get an Application Form for a grant scheme if you have submitted a Grants Pre-application form. If you have not yet done this then please go to Step 1.  

To start preparing your Application Form

  1. Read through the email you received in response to your Grants Pre-application form. Make sure you understand everything that War Memorials Trust has said
  2. Read through any helpsheets attached to your email or linked to. These are important to ensure you understand the type of works which can be funded and how to approach your project 
  3. Read through the Guidance Notes and the Application Form together so you understand what you need to provide. All questions will need to be answered fully and you must provide all the information requested
  4. If you have questions about anything then contact us to discuss these. War Memorials Trust understands this process can be challenging if you are not used to dealing with this type of project so please do talk to us if you have any concerns. We are here to help and as a charity that has to raise all its own funding itself we have made this as simple as possible as we appreciate the issues around making applications. But it is worth remembering that we can only consider your grant application because we have applied to others to raise the money - this has meant submitting a lot of grant applications to a lot of different organisations so we have done the same as we are asking you to do. As some of those funds are required to be spent under certain conditions it is not unreasonable to ask you to apply to us through a fair, open and clear process for which we have provided clear guidance


Supporting information 

Alongside submitting your Application Form you will need to provide supporting information. Help to gather this information, details of why it is important and tips on common Application Form mistakes can be found in Steps 3 - 6 of this section of the website.


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