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Town or City: Blackmoor
County: Hampshire
Country: England
WMT Reference Number: WM1434

Value of grant: £2500.00
Type of memorial: Freestanding
Type of work: Conservation and repair
Grant scheme: Small Grants Scheme
Year: 2009

UKNIWM reference number: 48443

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Blackmoor cross and cloister © WMT, 2010The war memorial is a cloister with a fountain, a garden and a cross. The three sided arcade is made of a timber frame with the outer supports resting on a Bargate stone wall. The roof is of Horsham slab and slate and the floor has a brick base. The inside of the arcade has a fountain and six copper-alloy inscribed plaques are attached to the inside wall. The arcade is open on the south side and within the arms of the cloister is a war memorial garden, with a cross on a plinth in the centre of the lawn and a paved walkway around the edge.

The memorial is adjacent to the church in the village of Blackmoor, Hampshire. 

In 2005 Grants for War Memorials offered £5,000 towards a variety of work. The bronze plaques were cleaned with a steam cleaning system and chemically repatinated and microcrystalline wax applied. Six of the bronze rosettes, features of the corners of some of the plaques, were re-cast. A water meter and pipe were supplied to the new drinking fountain fitted and a new oak door built to protect the pipe work from frost. The paving in front of the cloister was lifted, re-bedded and re-laid, the flat capping stones re-pointed or replaced, and pointing carried out where necessary. Work was also undertaken to the wooden frame, including cutting out and repairing damaged areas or patching them. The condition of the roof itself was quite good so the work to the wooden frame was able to be carried out without disturbing the roof slates.Blackmoor cross and cloister © WMT, 2010

In 2009, a grant of £2,500 was offered from the Small Grants Scheme for the creation of a new stone niche and insertion of a bronze plaque with additional names.

The war memorial was built in 1920 and is Grade II listed. It was commissioned by the Earl of Selborne and his wife in memory of their second son who was killed in action in Mesopotamia in 1916. The memorial was designed by Sir Herbert Baker and the copper wall plaques by Sir Charles Wheeler.

There are six bronze plaques within the cloister. The main dedication plaque reads:

'In memory of
Robert Stafford
Arthur Palmer
killed in battle His
parents have caused
this cloister and
fountain to
be made'

The other one of similar design reads:

'Remember children
the glory and the
sadness of war
the courage of the
men and the sorrow
and suffering
of all the people'

These two panels are both plain with small rosettes in each corner.

There are also two panels concerning peace and war. One has quotations from the Old and New Testaments inscribed on it:

Blessed are the peace
makers for they shall
be called the children
of God. Acquaint now
thyself with God and
be at peace Thereby
good shall come unto thee
There is no peace saith
my God to the wicked'

There is a floriate carving in the lunette above this. The other has a quotation from the book of Psalms:

In the hand of the
Lord there is a cup &
the wine is red It is
full mixed and he
poureth out of the
same As for the dregs
thereof all the ungodly of
the earth shall drink
them and lap them up'

In the lunette above this is carved in low relief a pattern of tree roots or antlers.

Two of the panels record the names of the fallen. The curved bronze panel behind the tap of the drinking fountain reads:

'Children remember the names of the men
from this village who fearlessly gave their
lives for their country in the war 1914 – 1918'

Below this text are listed the names of the fallen men and above the text a laurel wreath is carved in low relief.

The World War II panel reads:

1939 – 1945
In sacred memory
of those men from
Blackmoor who gave
their lives in the
Second World War'

'Greater love hath
no man than this'

There is a list of names of the fallen recorded between the two texts, and a cross in the lunette above.

The new bronze panel which has been added reads:

'In sacred memory
of those men from
this parish who also
gave their lives in
two World Wars'

'We will remember them'

Further information

War Memorials Trust reference WM1434
UK National Inventory of War Memorials: 48443

The memorial is listed building number 142980
Information about the 2nd Earl of Selborne who, with his wife, commissioned the memorial.
Information about Sir Herbert Baker, the eminent architect who designed the memorial.
Information about Sir Charles Wheeler, who designed the wall plaques.

If you have a concern about this memorial please contact the Trust on conservation@warmemorials.org

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