War Memorials Trust


War Memorials Trust administers three grant schemes which between them cover the whole of the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.  Information on each grant scheme, eligibility and the application process can be found under the respective grant scheme headings.  The 'Advice for applicants' section provides detailed guidance on how to undertake all stages of a memorial project and the grant process.

If you think your project may be eligible for funding, the first stage for any funding enquiry is to complete a ‘Grants Pre-application form’. If the project is eligible for funding an application form for the appropriate scheme will then be provided.

Types of works we can fund:

  • Conservation
  • Like-for-like repair
  • Structural repair/stabilisation
  • Reinstatement of lost elements that form an integral part of the design
  • Addition of names where they can be accommodated on the memorial
  • Professional condition surveys and structural reports

Types of work we cannot fund:

  • New war memorials
  • Maintenance
  • Inappropriate work or methods
  • Relocation, unless the memorial is ‘at risk’ and as a last resort
  • Works to graves of any type
  • Applications to multiple schemes administered by the Trust for the same work
  • Where the work has already started or been completed

All our grant schemes are open to anyone to apply; individuals or organisations, including councils. If you are not responsible for the war memorial you must provide written proof that you have the custodian’s consent to carry out the proposed works.

Please note that the Trust cannot provide funding retrospectively under any circumstances.

From 1st April 2012 there will be major changes to the administration of the Memorials Grant Scheme (administered by DCMS) which may impact some potential applicants to the Trust. The Memorials Grant Scheme returns as a grant the VAT incurred by charities or faith groups exempted from the need to register as charities in building, repairing or maintaining public memorial structures. From 1st April 2012 there will be quarterly fixed budgets for the scheme and so payments will be made once a quarter. The payable rate will depend on the value of eligible claims received in that quarter, with each claim attracting a fair pro-rata payment. The maximum grant payable in response to any application will be 20% of project costs. Please see the website for further details www.memorialgrant.org.uk. In regards to the assessment of grants administered by the Trust, in terms of calculating eligible grant costs we will continue to assume that eligible applicants can reclaim their VAT costs under the scheme and therefore exclude VAT from eligible costs.  We are unable to increase grant awards if it is subsequently not possible to reclaim the full VAT.


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