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Town or City: Ayr
County: Ayr and Arran
Country: Scotland
WMT Reference Number: WM2463

Value of grant: £5186.00
Type of memorial: Freestanding
Type of work: Conservation and repair
Grant scheme: Small Grants Scheme in Scotland
Year: 2008

UKNIWM reference number: 8834

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Ayr war memorial before works © South Ayrshire Council, 2008This war memorial is a large obelisk made from granite. It has panels made from bronze and is dedicated to around a thousand men who fell in World War 1 and World War 2. It is located in Wellington Square, in Ayr, Scotland.

There were a number of issues with this memorial which were affecting its appearance and condition. On the lower plinth and steps, the mortar was loose and joints were letting in water. The bronze panels had also become corroded. In addition, there had been a significant amount of algae and lichen build up on the upper parts of the obelisk. Lichens are a symbiotic organism, usually made up of three organisms, the main one being fungus. The fungus feeds off the algae, which grows on damp stone. Although it may look unsightly to some, this is a natural process and cleaning must be undertaken with care. Over-cleaning can damage the surface of the stone and make re-growth more rapid.

Ayr war memorial after works © South Ayrshire Council, 2008War Memorials Trust and Historic Scotland gave a grant of £5,186 towards cleaning and re-pointing the memorial. A biocide was used on the surface of the stone to keep the algae at bay.

The obelisk was unveiled in 1924 and was the last known work of the architect James Kennedy Hunter, who was a local man.

Further information

War Memorials Trust reference: WM2463
UK National Inventory of War Memorials: 8834 
James Kennedy Hunter

Further information

War Memorials Trust reference WM2463
UK National Inventory of War Memorials: 8834

If you have a concern about this memorial please contact the Trust on conservation@warmemorials.org

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