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Town or City: Thurleigh
County: Bedfordshire
Country: England
WMT Reference Number: WM8167

Value of grant: £300.00
Type of memorial: Freestanding
Type of work: Conservation and repair
Grant scheme: Small Grants Scheme
Year: 2014

UKNIWM reference number: 1828

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Thurleigh war memorial after cleaning © Thurleigh Parish Council, 2014Thurleigh war memorial is situated on the High Street in the Conservation Area of Thurleigh. It is a granite wheel cross, featuring a sword carving on the wheel cross and shaft. The memorial has a two-stepped base and plinth, with a marble shield to the front. The memorial features painted lead lettering listing the names of the men that fought and died in the First and Second World Wars, along with commemorative inscriptions.

In 2014 a grant of £300 was offered through the Small Grants Scheme towards cleaning the memorial. The memorial was cleaned in order to improve the legibility of the inscription, along with re-painting the lead lettering with enamel paint. The marble shield was also cleaned with water and a non-metallic bristle brush. Thurleigh war memorial before cleaning © Thurleigh Parish Council, 2014Although not undertaken as part of this grant, two stone vases missing from each side of the memorial were also replaced.

Thurleigh was memorial was erected in 1921 and unveiled and dedicated on 11th September of that year.




Thurleigh war memorial after cleaning © Thurleigh Parish Council, 2014

Further information

War Memorials Trust reference WM8167
UK National Inventory of War Memorials: 1828

War Memorials Online: www.warmemorialsonline.org.uk/node/190108

If you have a concern about this memorial please contact the Trust on conservation@warmemorials.org

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