War Memorials Trust

War memorials overseas


Becker, A (1998)
Les monuments aux morts: Memoire de la grand guerre
Publisher: Errance
ISBN-10: 2903442681

Coombes, Rose (1976)
Before endeavours fade: A guide to the battlefields of the First World War
Publisher: Battle of Britain Prints International Ltd
ISBN-10: 0900913851

Curl, James (1980)
A celebration of death: An introduction to some of the buildings, monuments and settings of funerary architecture in the Western European tradition
Publisher: Constable
ISBN-10: 0094630003
ISBN-13: 9780094630000

Dendooven, Dominiek (2001)
Menin gate and the last post: Ypres as holy ground
Publisher: de Klaproos
ISBN-10: 9055080519
ISBN-13: 9789055080519

Dyer, Geoff (1994)
The missing of the Somme
Publisher: Hamish Hamilton Ltd
ISBN-10: 0241002745
ISBN-13: 9780241002742

Foster, Paul (2011)
In continuing and grateful memory: The Menin Gate
Publisher: unknown
ISBN-10: unknown
ISBN-13: 9781908345035

Holt, Tonie and Valmai (1994)
Major and Mrs Holt’s battlefield guide to Ypres
Publisher: Pen & Swords Books Ltd
ISBN-10: 0850524148
ISBN-13: 9780850524147

Hurst, Sidney (2002)
Silent cities: Illustrated guide to the war cemeteries and memorials to the missing in France and Flanders 1914–1918
Publisher: Naval & Military Press Ltd
ISBN-10: 184342262X
ISBN-13: 9781843422624

Jones, Trefor (2009)
On fame’s eternal camping ground: A study of First World War epitaphs in the British cemeteries on the Western Front
Publisher: T G Jones
ISBN-10: 0952745828
ISBN-13: 9780952745822

McGuinn, James (1995)
Sligo men in the Great War 1914–1918
Publisher: Naughan Press
ISBN-10: 0952484102
ISBN-13: 9780952484103

Scott, Michael (1992)
Ypres salient: Cemeteries and memorials of the salient
Publisher: Gliddon Books
ISBN-10: 0947893288
ISBN-13: 9780947893286

Stamp, Gavin (2006)
The memorial to the missing of the Somme
Publisher: Profile Books Ltd
ISBN-10: 1861978111
ISBN-13: 9781861978110

Stamp, Gavin (1977)
Silent cities
Publisher: Royal Institute of British Architects
ISBN: unknown

Thorpe, Barrie (1999)
Private memorials to the Great War on the Western Front
Publisher: Western Front Association
ISBN-10: 0953577007
ISBN-13: 9780953577002

Williams, Colin (1999)
Memorials of the Spanish Civil War: The official publication of the International Brigade Association
Publisher: Sutton Publishing Ltd
ISBN-10: 0750911867
ISBN-13: 9780750911863

Wood, Herbert Fairlie and Swettenham, John (1975)
Silent witnesses
Publisher: Hakkert
ISBN-10: 0888665571
ISBN-13: 9780888665577

Outside Europe:

Burrows, Jennifer (2009)
Korean War memorial
Publisher: Rourke Publishing
ISBN-10: 1606944266
ISBN-13: 9781606944264

Burrows, Jennifer (2009)
Vietnam War memorial
Publisher: Rourke Publishing
ISBN-10: 160694424X
ISBN-13: 9781606944240

Ezell, Edward (1987)
Reflections on the wall: The Vietnam veterans memorial
Publisher: Gazelle Book Services Ltd
ISBN-10: 0811718468
ISBN-13: 9780811718462

Fitzpatrick, Paul (2012)
Objects at the Wall: Continuing bonds and the Vietnam War memorial, grief and loss expressed in the objects left at the Vietnam War memorial Washington DC
Publisher: Lambert
ISBN-13: 9783659196287

Gardam, John (1982)
The national war memorial: Le memorial national de guerre
Publisher: Veterans Affairs Canada
ISBN-10: 0662518802
ISBN-13: 9780662518808

Gelbert, Doug (1998)
American Revolutionary war sites, memorials, museums and library collections: A state by state guidebook to places open to the public
Publisher: McFarland & Co Inc
ISBN-10: 0786404949
ISBN-13: 9780786404940

Gelbert, Doug (1997)
Civil War sites, memorials, museums and library collections: A state by state guidebook to places open to the public
Publisher: McFarland & Co Inc
ISBN-10: 0786403195
ISBN-13: 9780786403196

Glover, Barbara (1999)
Australian war memorial
Publisher: Pan
ISBN-10: 0908144962
ISBN-13: 9780908144969

Inglis, K (1994)
Sacred places: War memorials in the Australian landscape
Publisher: The Miegunyah Press
ISBN-10: 0522847528
ISBN-13: 9780522847529

Lloyd, David (1998)
Battlefield tourism: Pilgrimage and the commemoration of the Great War in Britain, Australia and Canada 1919–1939
Publisher: Berg
ISBN-10: 1859731791
ISBN-13: 9781859731796

Mayo, James (1988)
War memorials as political landscape: The American experience and beyond
Publisher: Greenwood Press
ISBN-10: 0275928128
ISBN-13: 9780275928124

McIvor, Shirley and Trevor (1994)
Salute the brave: A pictorial record of Queensland war memorials
Publisher: University of South Queensland
ISBN-10: 0949414549
ISBN-13: 9780949414540

McKernan, Michael (1991)
Here is their spirit: A history of the Australian war memorial
Publisher: University of Queensland
ISBN-10: 0702224138
ISBN-13: 9780702224133

Picard Robins, Maureen (2009)
World War I memorial
Publisher: Rourke Publishing
ISBN-10: 1606944274
ISBN-13: 9781606944271

Picard Robins, Maureen (2009)
World War II memorial
Publisher: Rourke Publishing
ISBN-10: 1606944282
ISBN-13: 9781606944288

Reynolds, Donald (1993)
Masters of American sculpture: The figurative tradition from the American renaissance to the millennium
Publisher: Abbeville Press
ISBN: unknown

Scruggs, Jan (1992)
To heal a nation: The Vietnam veterans memorials
Publisher: Harper Perennial
ISBN-10: 006092344X
ISBN-13: 9780060923440

Shipley, Robert and Street, David (1987)
To mark our place: A history of Canadian war memorials
Publisher: NC Press Ltd
ISBN-10: 1550210149
ISBN-13: 9781550210149

Snyder, Cal (2005)
Out of fire and valor: The war memorials of New York City from the Revolution to 9-11
Publisher: Bunker Hill Publishing
ISBN-10: 1593730519
ISBN-13: 9781593730512

Strait, Jerry and Sandra (1988)
Vietnam War memorials: An illustrated reference to veterans tributes throughout the United States
Publisher: McFarland & Co Inc
ISBN-10: 0899503292
ISBN-13: 9780899503295

Waterford, Van (1994)
Prisoners of the Japanese in World War II: Statistical history, personal narratives and memorials concerning POWs in camps and on hellships, civilian internees, Asian slave labourers and others captured in the Pacific theatre
Publisher: McFarland & Co Inc
ISBN-10: 0899508936
ISBN-13: 9780899508931


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