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General books

Andrews, Maggie, Bagot-Jewit, Charlie and Hunt, Nigel (Eds) (2011) 
Lest we forget: Remembrance and commemoration 
Publisher: The History Press 
ISBN-13: 9780752459653

Appleby, Catrina; Cocroft, Wayne and Schofield, John (Ed) (2015)
The Home Front in Britain 1914-18 An Archaeological Handbook
Publisher: Council of British Archaeology
ISBN-13: 9781909990012

Archer, Geoffrey (2009)
The glorious dead: Figurative sculpture of British First World War memorials
Publisher: Frontier Publishing
ISBN-10: 1872914381
ISBN-13: 9781872914381

Ashley, Peter (2004)
Lest we forget: War memorials
Publisher: English Heritage
ISBN-10: 1850749116
ISBN-13: 9781850749110

Barnes, Richard (2004)
The obelisk: A monumental feature in Britain
Publisher: Frontier Publishing
ISBN-10: 1872914284
ISBN-13: 9781872914282

Beaty, David (1995)
Light perpetual: Aviator’s memorial windows
Publisher: Airlife Publishing Ltd
ISBN-10: 1853105880

Boorman, Derek (2005)
A century of remembrance: One hundred outstanding British war memorials
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books Ltd
ISBN-10: 1844153169
ISBN-13: 9781844153169

Boorman, Derek (1988)
At the going down of the sun: British First World War memorials
Publisher: Ebor Press
ISBN-10: 0951365401
ISBN-13: 9780951365403

Boorman, Derek (1995)
For your tomorrow
Publisher: Dunnington Hall
ISBN-10: 0951365428
ISBN-13: 9780159335427

Borg, Alan (1991)
War memorials: From antiquity to the present
Publisher: Leo Cooper Ltd
ISBN-10: 085052363X
ISBN-13: 9780850523638

Bromley, Janet and David (2012)
Wellington’s men remembered: A register of memorials to soldiers who fought in the Peninsular War and at Waterloo
Publisher: Pen and Sword Books
ISBN-13: 9781848846753

Bruce, Alex (2006)
Monuments, memorials and the local historian
Publisher: The Historical Association
ISBN-10: 0852784058
ISBN-13: 9780852784051

Buckton, Henry (1995)
The Royal British Legion golden book of remembrance: A tribute to those who served
Publisher: Ashford Buchan and Enright
ISBN-10: 1852533110
ISBN-13: 9781852533113

Corke, Jim (2005)
War memorials in Britain
Publisher: Shire Publications Ltd
ISBN-10: 0747806268
ISBN-13: 9780747806264

Evans, Martin and Lunn, Ken (Eds) (1997)
War and memory in the twentieth century
Publisher: Berg
ISBN-10: 185973996
ISBN-13: 9781859731994

Fussell, Paul (1975)
The Great War and modern memory
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN-10: 019215804X
ISBN-13: 9780192158048

Garfield, John (2008)
The fallen: A photographic journey through the war cemeteries and memorials of the Great War 1914–1918
Publisher: The History Press Ltd
ISBN-10: 1862274819
ISBN-13: 9781862274815

Gibson, Edwin and Kingsley Ward, G (1989)
Courage remembered: The story behind the construction and maintenance of the Commonwealth’s military cemeteries and memorials of the wars of 1914–1918 and 1939–1945
Publisher: HMSO
ISBN-10: 0117726087
ISBN-13: 9780117726086

Gildea, Colonel Sir James (1911)
For remembrance and honour of those who lost their lives in the South African War 1899-1902
Publisher: Eyre and Spottiswoode
ISBN: unknown

Gillis, John (1994)
Commemorations: The politics of national identity
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN-10: 0691029253
ISBN-13: 9780691029252

Gregory, Adrian (1994)
The silence of memory: Armistice Day 1919–1946
Publisher: Berg
ISBN-10: 1859730019
ISBN-13: 9781859730010

Harvey, David (1999)
Monuments to courage: Victoria Cross headstones and memorials (2 volumes)
Publisher: Kevin & Kay Patience
ISBN: unknown

Heffernan, M (1994)
For ever England: The Western Front and the politics of remembrance in Britain
Publisher: Loughborough University
ISBN: unknown

Kernot, C (2001)
British public school war memorials: New edition of 1927 publication
Publisher: Roberts and Newton
ISBN-10: 1843421380
ISBN-13: 9781843421382

Kidd, William and Murdoch, Brian (Eds) (2004)
Memory and memorials: The commemorative century
Publisher: Ashgate
ISBN-10: 0754607356
ISBN-13: 9780754607359

Kindell, Don (2009)
Royal Navy roll of honour: Between the wars 1918-1939
Publisher: Naval History Net
ISBN-10: 0578027909
ISBN-13: 9780578027906

Kindell, Don (2009)
Royal Navy roll of honour: World War I 1914-1918
Publisher: Naval History Net
ISBN-10: 0578026864
ISBN-13: 9780578026862

King, Alexander (1993)
The politics of meaning in the commemoration of the First World War in Britain 1916–1939
Publisher: University of London
ISBN: unknown

King, Alex (1998)
Memorials of the Great War in Britain: The symbolism and politics of remembrance
Publisher: Berg
ISBN-10: 1859739881
ISBN-13: 9781859739884

Lloyd, David (1998)
Battlefield tourism: Pilgrimage and the commemoration of the Great War in Britain, Australia and Canada 1919–1939
Publisher: Berg
ISBN-10: 1859731791
ISBN-13: 9781859731796 

Longworth, Phillip (1967)
The unending vigil: A history of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission 1917–1967
Publisher: Constable & Co
ISBN-10: 0094511802
ISBN-13: 9780094511804

Malvern, Sue (2004)
Modern art, Britain and the Great War: Witnessing, testimony and remembrance
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN-10: 0300105762
ISBN-13: 9780300105766

Mansfield, N (1995)
Class conflict and village war memorials
Publisher: Rural History
ISBN: unknown

McIntyre, Colin (1990)
Monuments of war: How to read a war memorial
Publisher: Robert Hale Ltd
ISBN-10: 070904027X
ISBN-13: 9780709040279

Michalski, Sergiusz (1998)
Public monuments: Art in political bondage 1870–1997
Publisher: Reaktion Books
ISBN-10: 1861890257
ISBN-13: 9781861890252

Milton, Sybil (1991)
In fitting memory: Art and politics of holocaust memorials
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
ISBN-10: 081432066X
ISBN-13: 9780814320662

Moriarty, Catherine (1995)
The absent dead and figurative First World War memorials
Publisher: Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society
ISBN: unknown

Moriarty, Catherine (1991)
Christian iconography and First World War memorials
Publisher: Imperial War Museum Review
ISBN: unknown

Moriarty, Catherine (1997)
Sites of memory: War memorials at the end of the twentieth century
Publisher: Imperial War Museum
ISBN-10: 1870423461
ISBN-13: 9781870423465

Mosse, George (1991)
Fallen soldiers: Reshaping the memory of the World Wars
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN-10: 0195062477
ISBN-13: 9780195062472

Oliver, Neil (2005)
Not forgotten
Publisher: Hodden & Stoughton Ltd
ISBN-10: 0340898720
ISBN-13: 9780340898727

Quinlan, Mark (2005)
British war memorials
Publisher: Authorsonline.co.uk
ISBN-10: 0755201868
ISBN-13: 9780755201860

Quinlan, Mark (2005)
Publisher: Authorsonline.co.uk
ISBN-10: 0755201779
ISBN-13: 9780755201778

Rhodes, P J (2010)
Cultures of commemoration: War memorials, ancient and modern
Publisher: OUP/British Academy
ISBN-10: 0197264662
ISBN-13: 9780197264669

Saunders, David (1996)
Britain’s maritime memorials and mementoes
Publisher: Patrick Stephens Ltd
ISBN-10: 1852604662
ISBN-13: 9781852604660

Smith, David (1992)
Britain’s aviation memorials and mementoes
Publisher: Patrick Stephens Ltd
ISBN-10: 185260395X
ISBN-13: 9781852603953

Summers, Julie (2010)
British and Commonwealth war cemeteries
Publisher: Shire Publications
ISBN-10: 0747807892
ISBN-13: 978-0747807896

Summers, Julie and Harris, Brian (2007)
Remembered: The history of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Publisher: Merrell Publishers Ltd
ISBN-10: 1858943744
ISBN-13: 9781858943749

Tiller, Kate (2013)
Remembrance and community: War memorials and local history
Publisher: British Association for Local History
ISBN-13: 9780948140013 

Whittick, Arnold (1944 and 1946)
War memorials
Publisher: Country Life
ISBN: unknown

Winter, Jay (1995)
Sites of memory, sites of mourning: The Great War in European cultural history
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN-10: 0521496829
ISBN-13: 9780521496827

Winter, Jay and Sivan, Emmanuel (Eds) (1999)
War and remembrance in the twentieth century
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN-10: 0521640350
ISBN-13: 9780521640350

Young, James (1993)
Texture of memory: Holocaust memorials and meaning
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN-10: 0300053835
ISBN-13: 9780300053838


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