War Memorials Trust

Standing orders

Regular contributions to War Memorials Trust work play an important role in helping the charity plan ahead. They provide an element of financial security with the Trust able to predict its income and thus plan its activities.

Standing order payments are a way to make a regular contribution to War Memorials Trust. Standing orders can be used to make annual subscription payments or donations depending on your preference.

Standing orders can be set up to the frequency and value of your choice and always remain under your control

How to set up a standing order

To start making a monthly, quarterly or annual gift please download the form found right, complete and return to War Memorials Trust see Contact us. 

How much should I give?

How much you wish to give is entirely up to you. 

Examples of standing orders set up are given below to help you consider how much and how frequently you want to contribute.

  • £20 a year to cover an annual subscription
  • £5 a quarter to cover an annual subscription
  • £2 a month to cover an annual subscription and make a £4 donation
  • £5 a month as a donation
  • £50 a year as a donation

Please note for administrative reasons, it would be helpful if your standing order was due to come out of your account on the first of the selected month. However should it suit you to establish a different date please do so.


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