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Step 7: Submit your Application Form

Once you have gathered all the information required to submit your Application Form you should send this to WMT. There are quarterly deadlines for assessment but you do not need to wait until that date. Early submission is encouraged as it gives staff time to review your application and raise any questions prior to the final date for assessment.


Deadline dates

All grants schemes operate the same deadline dates.

In 2019-20 the grant deadline dates are:

  • 31st March 2019
  • 31st July 2019
  • 30th November 2019


What happens then?

Upon receipt of an Application Form WMT aims to acknowledge your Application Form within one week. WMT will either

  • confirm your Application Form is complete and advise the dates by which you can expect to receive a response
  • request missing information such as photographs or quotes/tenders. Until all necessary information is provided your Application Form will not be deemed to have been submitted. WMT will advise what is needed and dates by which information will need to be submitted

Complete Application Forms are passed to a Conservation Officer to start their assessment. They will review your Application Form, quotes or tenders and supporting information. They may contact you for further information or to ask questions. If they do this they will provide details of dates by which information will be required to enable your application to be taken forward.

At each quarterly deadline date all complete Application Forms received for that round will be treated as a batch. Each will be dealt with by a Conservation Officer who will assess the project. It should be noted that the earlier an Application Form is submitted the more time the Conservation Team will have to assess an application and raise any questions with you. It is unlikely WMT will have the opportunity to raise questions when applications are submitted on, or just prior to, the deadline date.

Conservation Officers will assess each application in advance of a Grants Panel. They will consider whether works proposed are in-line with best conservation practice, the need for works and urgency. In addition, they will identify which grant scheme administered by WMT is most appropriate for the project. This will be based on whether a war memorial meets specific criteria such as geographical location or type. As War Memorials Trust Grants Scheme can fund most war memorials projects will be eligible for assessment under one of the grant schemes although if the project applied for differs from that discussed at pre-application it may no longer be eligible.

A Grants Panel is held about 2.5 weeks after the deadline date. Conservation Officers present their cases to WMT's Conservation Team with proposals discussed and agreed. At this meeting each project which could receive a Grant Offer is allocated a priority level. This is based on WMT's decision about the need for works, which is reflected in the condition of the war memorial, and its urgency. Helpsheets outlining condition levels can be found on War Memorials Online in the condition section of the FAQs page. All war memorials for which an Application Form has been submitted should have a record on War Memorials Online.

  • Priority level 1: Immediate: Urgent Works / Very bad condition
  • Priority level 2: High: Very bad condition
  • Priority level 3: Medium: Poor condition
  • Priority level 4: Low: Fair condition
  • Priority level 5: Very low: Good condition

The available funding from each grant scheme is then allocated to projects based on their priority. If there is insufficient funding available to support all projects then higher priority cases will receive Grant Offers and cases which cannot be supported at that time will be deferred to the next deadline date. The Trust operates Prioritisation principles for assessment of grant applications.

Conservation Officers will then prepare the relevant paperwork for applicants. WMT will not provide details of a decision on the outcome of a grant application until the stated date given when an Application Form was acknowledged. Applicants should not chase for information before that date as this may delay their decision. 


When will I get a decision?

WMT then aims to send you details of the outcome of the grant assessment within 6 weeks of the deadline date. You may receive: 

  • an Offer enabling you to start work
  • a Deferral which means further information is needed before an Offer can be made, or wider consultation with other organisations is required, but WMT believes the project can be supported
  • a Rejection which means the project is ineligible for support

To avoid a Deferral or Rejection you should carefully read and follow all advice sent by WMT and review Step 6. WMT is happy to answer questions about the application process at any stage so if you are unsure contact us.


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